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My AMD Driver Dosen't work...

Question asked by yaboipatato on Jan 17, 2018

Hello there

Recently I start having some trouble with my AMD Driver.

When I go on Driver Manger I see a warning sign near them.

Everything happen when I decide to play Star Wars: Battlefront 2 but it's was buggy so I install Catalyst driver that resolved my problem

After I stop playing it so I decide to delete Catalyst however, by mistake, I deleted the entire AMD folder.

I try to reinstall Crimson but every time I try to open it  says "No AMD graphics driver installed or the AMD driver does not run properly, install the appropriate driver to your AMD hardware in use" I tried everything: reinstall Catalyst, DDU and Install, Delete the Driver and Reinstall it

  but nothing worked

I really need help, here are my specs:

Processor: A10-8700P(Overclocked)

Graphics card: Radeon R6 MX340DX

Ram:8 GB

OS: Windows 10 64-bit