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    Mouse Lag On Recent AMD Crimson Drivers - R9 380




      So i have a problem which i didnt think is a problem. Like few months ago my AMD settings showed there is new drivers avaiable. So i installed them but at the point when the skreen starts to flash and change resulutions my mouse and screen started to lag. After the reboot still lagging. I did system restore to go back on old drivers. I toght its mybe buggy drivers il w8. So i was working a lot not playing, And since Friday i m trying to update drivers again. I want to amd home page took exacly drivers for my card but still lagging as hell. I red in internet that some people gan go max 17.9.2 Im was trying to install the newest 17.10.1 and 17.9.2 but no luck these drivers were from amd homepage. But than i realised i cant open radeon settings anymore... So i deleted all drivers using 

      amdcleanuputilitz and DDU  and now im stuck where i was it says there is new drivers 17.10.1 which i install and get heavy mouse and screen laggg



      Thanks !!!




      Win7 64bit

      AMD Radeon R9 380 4gb

      AMD Athlon x4 750k 3.40Ghz

      8gb ram

      Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. F2A7

      Monitor i use Sharp - LC-49CUF8472ES with hdmi


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