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Game Specific Freezing on the R9 380

Question asked by camjw on Jan 16, 2018

Hey guys, I am wondering if any of you have gotten a similar bug to me. I recently built a new PC, and when I transferred my Hard Drive over and installed Fortnite, something really peculiar happened. The game is running in the background (I can hear it) and when I hover over buttons I can hear that too. But, the frame on screen remains frozen until I press the windows key, or click outside the window, and then click back in. Only then does it advance to the frame it is supposed to be on, and then it freezes again. This does not occur on any other games so far, and it kinda frustrating because this is what I upgraded to play. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!



Ryzen 3 1300x

MSI B350M Mortar

R9 380 4gb

EVGA 500w 80+ bronze

Team Dark Nighthawk 3000mhz

Windows 10 OS



I do not know if this would be better suited for the drivers forum, but I am running this on the latest "Adrenalin" version of drivers, and Radeon Software is set to auto update.