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HELP with HD 7750 - The fan of the card turns on but does not give me an image on the screen

Question asked by kennedy on Jan 17, 2018

Hello, forgive my English. I'm from Venezuela (South America). I am writing here because I have a problem with my HIS Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 video card. (Specifically, this one: It turned out that from one day to the next I was playing GTA 5 and my PC got stuck, the background sound of the game was stuck and the screen was blue with defects (but it is not the typical blue screen of windows), I had to turn it off by the force and when I turned it on, everything worked normally. The next day I surfed as always on the PC (without playing) and the same thing happened to me the day before when I was playing. I also turn off the PC by force and note that it did not give me more image on the screen, after so many attempts to turn the PC on and off in a moment I returned to give the screen image but when loading the operating system I began to notice the screen with a kind of strange colors when the mouse slipped, it was yellow, green, I looked in google and it seems that it is something called "artifacts" after that turn off the pc and to turn it on until today has not given me more image, it should be note that pc Turns on all the fans, including the GPU, but does not show anything on the screen, it's totally black. He does not even show me the BIOS. I tried everything, clean my PC, the connectors, the PCI Express port, remove and clean the RAM, restart the BIOS by means of the JUMPER on the motherboard and none of this worked. It is also important to say that I have been with this GPU for 4 years and I have always maintained it at the correct temperatures, the game did not exceed 65 ° C and this problem had never happened to me before, it was suddenly one day to the next. I am currently using the integrated video card that my motherboard has. Maybe my GPU definitely died? Thanks for reading and I'm waiting for your help.