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    BSOD During Driver Installation With New Motherboard GA-990XA-UD3 - Windows 8.1


      Since I bought my new mobo Gigabyte Ga-990xa-UD3 I'm having problems with the driver of my Sapphire R9 280 Dual-x. When installing the latest version of the driver, it is not definitive of the installation, right after that default installation of video drivers, my windows 8.1 pro gives blue screen, then when it restarts, it already falls on the screen to give recovery in windows Already I updated a bios of my mobo and nothing. I wonder if my mobo is not compatible with these new versions of the driver and what is the most updated driver that I can install without a problem again.


      PC Infos:

      MoBo: Gigabyte Ga-990xa-UD3 Rev 3.0

      Version BIOS: FEh

      CPU: AMD FX6300

      Watercooler Corsair H45

      SSD Kingston 120gb

      HDD Toshiba 1Tb

      Power Supply: Seventeam ST-1000E-AZ 1000W

      AMD Graphics Card: Sapphire R9 280 Dual-X

      RAM: 8gb Corsair Vegeance DDR3

      Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro

      Driver Installed: AMD Catalyst 15.7


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