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    Could Display ports be blown?




      CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600

      MB: Asus Ryzen B350-F

      Mem:Teamgroup Nighthawk 16GB (3000MHz).

      PSU:Superflower 550w Platinum

      GPU: XFX GTR RX480 8GB

      Monitors: 3x Benq Senseye GL2230-T

      WIndows 10 64bit


      All the monitors have VGA/DVI.


      They are connected with DVI - DVI, HDMI - DVI adaptor and finally DP - DVI (cable)


      All were working in an extended desktop under Win10 using 17.12.1. (Not Eyefinity). Yesterday morning, PC rebooted and when it came back on, the DP monitor did not work..."no signal detected".


      If I connect one of the other cables, the monitor is detected and displays. Connect the DP - DVI cable to other monitors...nothing. Switch to another DP and still nothing.


      So, either the cable has stopped working (possible but highly improbable) or it is a driver/software issue or the Display Ports are no longer functioning as neither Windows 10 nor Radeon Software detect monitor 3. I even updated to 17.12.2 this morning but nada.


      Any suggestions?