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BSOD Stop Error (Atikmdag.sys)

Question asked by kieranharvey95 on Jan 17, 2018
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First post here on the forum, I really don't know what else to do.


Since around mid december 2017 I've been having BSOD when I play X-Plane (flight simulator). It worked just fine before. There had been an update causing issues with AMD cards but this was mainly a crash in the main menu, this has since been patched.


The BSOD happens at random points, sometimes after five minutes, sometimes after 1-2 hours of playing and on some special occasions not at all.


It says that  atikmdag.sys fails and stop code is: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED


I had to do a fresh install of windows 10 also, as windows being windows it during an automatic update threw me out of my user profile which was annoying, after installing windows and then all the drivers (and I believe around december a new AMD driver would have come out for my card?) and games were fresh install so was looking forward to playing and then bam... BSOD's.


I got so annoyed at it happening again yesterday so I took the following steps (in this order):

Windows Memory Test - No issues found.

Graphics Card Check - Windows says it's working properly.

Fresh DirectX.

Uninstalled AMD driver using Guru3d in safe mode.

Installed the latest driver again.

Full Maleware Scan - No issues.

Full virus scan - no issues.

I also turned windows auto driver update off (i've heard that it can install the wrong things and clash with installed drivers??)


I was confident this would have to sort it, but played again last night and about an hour in BSOD again.


Is there something I am overlooking? I really want to just be able to play my game.


I've attached two notepad files, one is the copy of infor from all three pages in the AMD driver software and the other is system specs from Speccy.


Thanks for at least giving a read even if you have no ideas, much appreciated.




Edit: I have a further question, is it possible for this particular BSOD to occur due to overheating of any parts? Or would that be completely unrelated. Once again reinstalled my driver under same conditions as last and have now installed two 105mm fans on top powered by PSU as well as same size on on front at bottom and the difference in temperature in game is noticeable two tries so far no BSOD I haven’t done a long one yet just a short couple so will update if and when, in meantime if anyone has ideas please give me a shout


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