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When Instant Replay is active I get an audio feedback loop if I stop a sound prematurely

Question asked by rocketweeb on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by benman2785

While the Instant Replay feature is recording, if I close anything that plays sound (i.e. a video or browser tab) before the sound has finished playing, it creates a tiny audio feedback loop that only ends when another sound is played. I can not catch this on a video. Any time I use a video recording software, even the built in AMD one, the bug does not occur. If I save the instant replay of the noise I hear, the sound does not play in the recording. The bug stops when I turn off Instant Replay, and starts when I turn it on. I have disabled and uninstalled/reinstalled all the audio devices in devmgmt.msc, including the hidden ones. I have put this video card into a completely different system and successfully reproduced the same bug. I have also tried both versions of Adrenalin: 17.12.1 and 17.12.2. Any ideas as to what this is?



GPU: AMD R7 460, mfg by XFX
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Software: Radeon Adrenalin 17.12.2
Display: LG 24UD58 3840x2160

Motherboard: HP Pro 3130 Microtower PC

CPU: Intel i5 760 2.80 Ghz
PSU: Insignia, not sure of Model or Wattage, possibly HP standard. However, the other system I tried it in had a Corsair vx450w.


EDIT: I originally thought it could possibly have been an error in manufacturing, but I was able to put an R7 200 (mfg by MSI) into this same system. The bug occurred still. I did not change any software whatsoever, I just plugged the R7 in and reproduced the steps to the bug.