RX550 driver crash unfixable?

Discussion created by tamago on Jan 16, 2018

Hello couple of months back i bought new radeon rx550 2GB not OC version and since then i cant get it to work.

I tried various drivers that i found including CD drivers and newest drivers that came out 17.12.1 i believe.

I tried drives with Aorus installed and without it.

When card is tested in benchamrks it works fine temps do not get over 67 Celcius and whole benchmark goes fine.

While playing a game CS:GO, Skyrim, Stellaris and many many others drivers just crash randomly (maximum i played was 10 minutes in skyrim). After crash system sometimes restores itself but most of the times i just have to reboot manually.


Gfx card was twice on warranty but it came back with note that no issues were found


Win7 Ultimate x64 (tried on win 8 and win 10 - same crashes)

8GB of DDR 2 ram Kingoston 1333

1TB WD Blue drive


Intel Core Quad 2.83 GHZ

EP35-DS4 Gigabyte motherboard (i know its kinda old rig but it should work wihtout any problems)