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    RX 460 Black Screen/Fan Stop - Clean Windows Install - 2ND Hand GPU


      Short version:

      Blackscreen and fanstop at driver installation and at booting Windows even on a "vanilla" system.

      Yes, I have seen the numberous threads, but I hoped maybe by now there is another work around than baking the card. Don't really want to do that.


      My System:

      Gigabyte RX460

      Ryzen 1800X

      MSI B350 Gaming Plus

      PSU 600W, 32GB RAM


      tryed newest Adrenalin Driver


      Taken Actions:

      -BIOS update

      -Chipset driver update

      -DISM / SFC

      -DDU and reinstall, from installer, from manually selecting and from auto windows choice

      -deactivated automatic driver installation

      Fresh install of Windows + updates till latest (january)


      Current condition:

      While installing Fall Creators update, the graphic card stopped working again (even though I deactived automatic drivers?!...), but the system continued to work!

      I can confirm this, since it autorebooted as required from the updated and continued normally at 30% or something. After checking the heatsink and waiting for the disk activity LED to cease blinking, I returned to safe mode, restored the basic driver and  could see that the 1709 update was installed succesfully.

      Still the card stops working when installing a driver.


      What i realized it that (since the very beginning) the graphiccard did take quite some time (2sec?) to spin up and put out a signal. But maybe thats normal? Did use a laptop for to long to remember...


      To be fair: I bought the card used.

      But if someone should have e.g. installed a bad firmware, would it then still work with the basic driver?


      Thank you for your precious time in advance.


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