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    Vega 64 overheating and bad performance


      Hey Guys,

      I just bought 3 Vega 64 cards, and my motherboard is Asus Z370-E, i3 CPU, 4GB Ram, 850W Power Supply. And one of the cards is not working fine and it over heats if I used it alone and disconnected the other 2 cards.

      If I connected the 3 cards it works but in a very bad performance, it starts with a good and high performance then it goes down even the leds on the cards once I used it it's fully on then it starts to go off to only two leds.

      I though that maybe the power supply is the problem so I've disconnected the other 2 to give this card the full power but still. I even changed the PCI slot and still the problem exists.

      Is it a hardware issue, should I return it?


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          Power supply is -way- too small for 3 Vega cards, which can pull over 300w each themselves, you're going to need a 1500w unit since they can even draw 350w under a heavy load. Because they drink power like its water, they throw off an insane amount of heat, and need a lot of airflow, which is something a single small slot between them cannot handle unless you have high airflow fans pushing in air to them. Then there's the problem of your motherboard


          which, at best, is x8/x8/x4, and x4 is insufficient for a card of the power of Vega 64. Then there's the problem of your CPU, it's far too weak to play games at the resolutions and detail levels you are using 3 Vega 64 cards for, which I assume would be, minimum, 4K high details.

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