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Only 3 GPU global settings available in Adrenalin 17.12.1&2

Question asked by mrrebound on Jan 15, 2018

Hi, im running a fresh 4 GPU (XFX rx 580 8gb) mining RIG and after trying to get the blockchain drivers or later to work on WIN 10.  i did quite some effort to upgrade my system to WIN 10. so new day fresh start or so i hoped... (NOPE on win 7 x64 nope your drivers are NOT working)


so heres the problem:


i cant find my 4th gpu in the adrenalin games/global settings view, resulting in me beein only able to switch 3 cards to workload... funny thing its showing 4 wattmans.


how do i get the 4th card displayed ?


thanks for the help in advance.