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Radeon Software Andrenalin Edition 17.12.1: Games using discrete GPU crashes

Question asked by ramchyld on Jan 15, 2018



The issue with 17.11.1 still hasn't been fixed with Andrenalin Edition 17.12.1.


To recap: My laptop is an Asus N551ZU. It has a AMD FX-7600P with Radeon R7 graphics. It also has a discrete Radeon M280X 2GB.


Radeon 17.11.1 crashes whenever I tell games to use the M280X.


17.12.1 did not fix the issue, it still crashes whenever I run games and tell them to use the discrete GPU.


Honestly, I'm very disappointed. AMD doesn't care about their true fans, the ones who go all out to buy a laptop that uses AMD CPUs and GPUs? I already posted about this in November when 17.11.1 went WHQL and apparently I was ignored. And as a result the issue still isn't fixed in 17.12.1.


I cannot use 17.12.2 because the non-WHQL drivers doesn't support the R7 graphics built into the APU.