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vega 8 mobile poor optimization

Question asked by gordonq on Jan 14, 2018

I know this isn't a gaming gpu and is a really new hardware, but its driver optimization in games is so bad...

Lots of games are barely runnable in minimal settings on the hp envy x360, and the GPU utilization load is often under 70%. In fact, my very old desktop HD 7750 graphics card run the games much smoothly in higher settings even though it is weaker in benchmarks. Btw, lots of games cause the PC to freeze when minimizing from full screen, which almost never happens on other hardware. It also has serious latency problem with the external wireless mouse when an external display is plugged in for dual display setups. the RAM are also DDR4 in dual channel so I don't see that as a problem. Power management is also in max performance. This is supposed to be a decent gpu, but the bugs are killing it! Please fix the poor game optimization AMD!