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AMD Adrenaline Relive stops recording

Question asked by disi on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by disi

Anyone else having this issue?

I play Legends of Eisenwald at the moment and the recording keeps stopping itself after a random amount of time. Could be 20min or could be just after an hour.

I did not manage to record anything longer than ~1h7min in a row.


This runs borderless fullscreen 1920x1080 and record desktop on.

With Spellforce 3 I recorded 3-4h videos with Relive and the same driver/settings borderless fullscreen 1920x1080 record desktop on.


There are no hotkeys like ctrl+shift in the game.


This is very inconvenient, I now have a timer on the second monitor and the folder with the recording video open to check if the recording stopped again. I do not want the timer or anything else popup in the video either.


Any ideas welcome.


AMD 1800X

32GB memory

AMD Vega 64