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W7000 3 or 4 outputs using active DP>DVI adaptors

Question asked by rullamann on Jan 15, 2018
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I wanted to connect 3 or 4 outputs to a W7000 graphics adapter using 3/4 active DP>DVI adaptors. This is not working. Only two monintors are working the others either don't show up at all or are displayed as inactive.

The setup works if I connect 2 DP>DVI adapters and connect an additional Display with naitve Displayport.


As mentioned in the manual the W7000 has two clocks. Each clock supports 2 displays with active adapters. In my opinion my setup with 4 active DP>DVI adapters should work.


This is the excerpt from the manual:


Different types of displays can be combined within the following parameters:

•Your AMD FirePro™ W7000 has two clocks.

•Two displays connected with active adaptors (active single-link DVI, dual-link DVI, and VGA) can share a clock, while displays connected with passive adaptors (passive single-link DVI and HDMI) require a separate clock per device.

•DisplayPort 1.2 connections supporting DisplayPort Multi-stream technologycan connect to multiple DisplayPort devices.

•Monitors connected via passive adapters must all have the same resolution andrefresh rate.