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Driver 17.12.2 with MSI Afterburner causes system wide slow down

Question asked by moman2000 on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by moman2000

Hi, this is my first post on the AMD forums, so if you see I am doing something wrong, let me know on what to improve


As most PC enthusiasts I also like to reinstall my OS every 6 or so months, to keep things clean and fast.

The install goes smooth as it should and so does set-up. But, as soon as I install driver version 17.12.2 and also install MSI Afterburner, I restart and notice a huge system wide slowdown of my PC. Everything from opening File Explorer and the Start Menu takes very long, longer than it should.

This issue will occur no matter how many times I reinstall Windows 10, the combination of the two software causes issues. After testing for a while, uninstalling Afterburner gets rid of the issues, but, then I cannot overclock the way I want to. Reinstalling Afterburner brings back the issue.


I have found that driver version 17.12.2 is most likely the cause of the issue since when I uninstalled it just 10 minutes ago, leaving Afterburner installed the issue went away. Therefore, I downgraded to 17.12.1 and no issues arise when Afterburner is installed, the OS runs as it should.


This is very annoying since I like to have the latest drivers to keep my system up-to-date and as optimised as possible. Having said that, using the latest drivers seems to be causing issues that I feel shouldn't be occurring in the first place.


Is it possible for the AMD software engineers to have a look into this issue?


My system specifications:



CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k


RAM: 6GB HyperX DDR3

O/S: Windows 10 build 1709


See attached screenshots for more information about my system.

Thank you!