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    Radeon HD 8970M best driver version


      What is the best driver version for the Radeon HD 8970M? Currently I have one of the newer ones from 2017 but the performance is very bad. I benchmarked the GPU with Novabench and just got a score of 900. I excepted this to be better. So is there a specific driver version that can improve the performance of this GPU?




      Laptop: MSI GX70 3CC Destroyer with A10-5750M + HD 8650G and HD 8970M

      OS: Windows 8.1


      • Crimson ReLive 17.11.1 for HD 8970M
      • Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta for HD 8650G

      RAM: 8 GB


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          what is the make and model (exact) of your Laptop? Also what type of CPU/APU does it have installed? Also state all the GPUs that comes with the laptop.

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            Do you have a Intel or AMD APU in your laptop? If a APU...you don't download drivers for the 8900..you download for the APU.

            Please furnish the required information > INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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              RE: I benchmarked the GPU with Novabench and just got a score of 900. I excepted this to be better.

              Here is the information about the processor on your laptop.
              AMD A-Series A10-5750M Notebook Processor - NotebookCheck.net Tech
              The integrated graphics are non GCN architecture: AMD Radeon HD 8650G - NotebookCheck.net Tech

              The Laptop Graphics are based on GCN Architecture. AMD Radeon HD 8970M - NotebookCheck.net Tech Download Drivers


              So a non GCN architecture (a legacy GPU) has been mixed with a non legacy card (GCN architecture).
              You will need a driver that supports the legacy card on that APU, and you should use the APU to search for the driver you need.

              Let's go to the reason for asking about your driver in the first place though, since that is the reason for your original question.

              Why did you expect it to be better? What were you comparing your laptop graphics to?
              I think the best way to compare graphics is 3DMark Firestrike DX11 benchmark.


              The performance of your graphics test will depend on the Driver, the Driver options set during the benchmark, including the GPU and GPU MEM clock. and also, especially for AMD Driver running DX11 test, the performance of the CPU. The faster the CPU single thread performance / overclock frequency of the CPU the higher graphics score / performance you will see.

              Another thing you often need to check when comparing the performance you get in a benchmark score is the type (is it GDDR3 (slower and cheaper) or GDDR5 (faster, more expensive, better performance)  and amount of memory used for the Laptop Graphics Card, and also if the Laptop Card can use main RAM memory as an additional RAM cache for graphics data - often called "shared memory" in your case according to reference above the answer is easy -



              Memory TypeGDDR5
              Max. Amount of Memory4096 MB
              Shared Memoryno

              However, in my experience, on some laptops, some manufacturers can cut corners on some  Laptop Graphics specs by reducing the amount of memory (say 2GB instead of 4GB) or using slower GDDR3 RAM. You should double check exactly what is on your laptop. 

              I think you should look at the exact specs on your laptop and look again at how you are comparing the performance in the first place.
              Could you show the comparison you made?


              It might be time for you to upgrade your notebook or look into an eGPU option, if that is even possible, depending on your laptop specs.

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                Here are the only scores I found on Novabench relating to the HD 8970M



                System Info

                1823 Intel Core i7-4770K
                GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8970 Graphics
                RAM: 32GB DDR3
                  Anonymous submission on Oct 15, 2017 at 11:14
                1787 Intel Core i7-4770K
                GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8970 Graphics
                RAM: 32GB DDR3
                  Anonymous submission on Oct 16, 2017 at 12:05

                Those scores look like they are for are for HD 8970 Discrete Cards (not that I have ever seen one, I think they are "OEM Refresh of 7970?) with Haswell i7-4770K - a processor I own.


                I could not find any scores for HD 8970M on Novabench.

                Here is a comparison of the two ... Radeon HD 8970M vs 8970

                What score are you comparing to?


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                    I did not compare the score with other scores. I just know that it should not be this low, because first they advertised this laptop to be able to play Battlefield 4 and I also saw some videos on youtube where they had the same laptop and could play GTA 5 and other more demanding games with a decent FPS. Second I have a family member who has a R5 M255 which is not better in performance but could play some games with more performance than I could.

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                        Well if your OpenCL test is not failing, then even comparing the Desktop Processor in the scores I mentioned to the processor in your laptop and then on top looking at how much lower in performance the 8970M is versus a Discrete OEM 8970 I do not get the feeling that the GPU score you are seeing in Novabench is unreasonable.


                        My laptop with  i7-920XM & eGPU running an R9-280x (which is a rebranded & slightly upgraded HD7970/8970) runs the Novabench GPU test and is able to complete the OpenCL test as well. It is running the Crimson Legacy Driver recommended for your APU. I will not quote the score I got here because the eGPU runs over PCIe2.0x1 slot at low bus speed. The point is ... OpenCL part of the GPU test runs and passes on a very similar setup to yours in terms of recommended GPU Driver and external GPU type.



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                          Once you reinstall the recommended drivers and run some firestrike tests, this might be of some interest to you.



                          msi gx70 Update New Driver Play BF1 OBT - YouTube


                          The comment from Ubi  Lada describing the solution in English in the commnets section starting ...

                          "Here's the solution in English: DDU Developer Ghislain Harvey (aka Wagnard) contacted me and wanted me to check the solution with the updated version of DDU"


                          There is also an entire AMD Reddit post titled  "One and a half year old MSI GX70 is legacy".
                          Which might be of some more help to you regarding attempting to install legacy driver on the iGPU and latest driver on the GCN card.


                          I was going to try something similar on on my laptop with eGPU.


                          Also I just tested Novabench on another system with i7-4790K, running Windows 10 64bit patched today, Single R9 Nano and Adrenalin 17.12.2 Driver.
                          The OpenCL part of the GPU Test completes successfully on that system. I have not checked if the score looks correct versus the Novatech database.


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                        Another thing to note.
                        I just tested Novabench on laptop running i7-980XM and integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD5850 thats an old weak Discrete Laptop GPU, but it is running the same  Legacy Driver.recommended for you.  I score ... 163.
                        The Novabench GPU Test has two parts, Graphics and OpenCL - Both tests complete on that.

                        I am about to check how it runs on the same laptop but with an R9 280x connected via eGPU using the Legacy Driver.


                        Meantime you might wnat to check if the OpenCL test is completing on your machine. It failed for me on i7-4770K with R9 280x and 17.4.4.WHQL and also failed on i7-4770K with GTX780Ti and Nvidia Driver Version 388.71.


                        This results in significantly lower Novabench GPU Test scores than expected.


                        Here are a couple of videos showing the OpenCL Test  failing. Have fun ...


                        colesdav - Novabench GPU Test Failing on OpenCL resulting in lower than expected Score for R9 Nano running on i7-4770K w…

                        colesdav - Novabench GPU Test Failing on OpenCL resulting in lower than expected Score for GTX780Ti running on i7-4770K …



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                          Here is the result of searching 3DMark Firestrike for A10-5750M and HD 8970M




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                            Hello man, I have same problem. Here what I can recommend to you. Install windows 8 not 8.1 as ur second OC, then download 14.4 version of drivers and turn off ur integrated video card (U can search how to do this at msi forum, u need to get FULL Bios options first, then google how to disable integrated graphics). With games which works at old drivers I am using win 8, it's give m crazy performance (3 times better then at win10), with games which have trouble with old drivers I am using win 10 with different drivers version 16.2.1 for 8650 G and 18.8.1 for 8970 M and playing games at lowest settings. Don't forget before swaping windows change ur GPU options in BIOS.

                            P.S. Here Resolve problem with screenshaking. Press win + p then press expand. It's done. Play games in non-fullscreen mode (borldess or windowed mode). Also sometimes u can get artifact with RGB pixels. Do same procedure (alt+tap to destop then win + p -> expand).