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ReLive in fullscreen

Question asked by caspadan on Jan 13, 2018

I really wish AMD could perhaps help out a bit with ReLive in PUBG.

I have a 4K monitor and need to play in fullscreen mode so that I can adjust my resolution to 1920*1080. However, ReLive does not work in fullscreen mode.  ReLive seems to work in fullscreen windowed mode, but this mode uses 4K and I can't run the game on my R9 280x in 4K.  I can adjust my resolution in Windows to 1920*1080 and then play in fullscreen windowed mode (really silly method though), but I am getting more like 42-48FPS, while in fullscreen mode it's more like 63-68.


I also have a HD 7950 which I Crossfire with the 280x.  I have been able to get into ReLive and record gameplay in Crossfire mode.  But Crossfire does not feel like it's working properly in PUBG.  I get more FPS (80-100), but it feels like it takes dips and is generally not ready.


So, maybe AMD can look at this in a later release, or perhaps someone has a suggestion for me..