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AMD Overdrive cannot reinstall

Question asked by madingdo on Jan 12, 2018

Hey, I´ve got an FX 4170 in my old rig for some while now. I got a new Notebook and wanted to use my old rig for some other cases.

Now I wanted to unsintall a few programms und thus I unistalled Overdrive. After that I wanted to reinstall it but it keeps saying:

"There is a newer Version installed and I first must uninstall this newer version"

I already run AMD Clean Uninstall Utility twice.

And installed the GPU drivers three times because of the Utility.

AMD Overdrive was still apearing in CCleaner, but I wasn´t ablte to uninstall it completly it kept saying someting abot the aodassistant.exe wasn´t at Programms/AMD/aod/ which seemd ok, because I Uninstalled it a few minutes ago.I went to the path (still in safe mode) and deletet a few folders containing some driver data.

But after the reboot and onemore run of the Cleaning Utility, I am still not able to install Overdrive again.


Can someone help me, please?


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