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Radeon Adrenalin Ideas

Question asked by ryngetsu on Jan 12, 2018



Today I was browsing throught the new Radeon Adrenalin features and I came up with some ideas that could be useful for everyone. As a casual gamer and a learning developer, the first idea is of course to implement Adrenalin for Linux. I don't know about what distribution has Adrenalin, but Linux Mint and some others don't have it. I use Mint, and apparently Adrenalin doesn't work from 17.0 to 18.3 so I hope at least it will be implement for the new version which will be released in May/June.


This is the end for Linux. Let's now get to the recording part:


I don't usually record, but when I do, I like to tweak options and make the video the more perfect possible and I guess many users want that too. What I would like to see implemented is more options about the video and the sound. You can take OBS for example, it has a lot of options.


And to finish, I've seen many people ask for this, so it's just a little recall. The chat and camera displays are quite useful, but ReLive needs to be able to add plug-ins like Streamlabs for example so the users can easily move from their streaming software to ReLive which, in my opinion, is very good as it doesn't pump any performance. I never felt a drop while streaming (I don't stream much but shhh).

Thanks for considering this.