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How can AMD get away with something like that?Driver Issues

Question asked by angryatamd on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by amdmatt

Okay normally i dont care and i am a very patience and silent person


But right now i own my 3rd AMD card and it will be for sure the last.

Right now i own the RX 460 2GB OC.

The reason i got AMD so far was because of the price.Same "power" on paper as NVIDEA but way less expensive.

Now i know what "Who buy chea buys twice" means.

Every game, i swear every game i play, have driver Issues.

Game Freezing,Glitching Textures, Driver dont support that what ever ...

The best solution i have so far?Using the oldest driver my card support ... or not using any driver at all

Once i install the newest driver my games will significant loose FPS, Stutter, Freeze what ever.

The only game that run somehow good is The Witcher 3.

Tomorrow i am borrowing a GTX 1050 from a friend and will test it.

I will let you know about my experience with NVIDEA than.

For some reasons i already know that every game i have problems so far(Not even AAA Titel, most like underrgound games) will run perfectly on GeForce.

Well will see and i will report it back here than.