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    Does the RX Vega 56 support passive DisplayPort to HDMI adapters?


      If yes, on all 3 DP ports?

      I bought a passive adapter and it doesn't work, want to know if the adapter is broken or the card/driver just doesn't support it and i have to by an active adapter.


      To be exact the adapter isn't completly non functional, if only the adapter is pluged in (with a screen ofc) i can see the bios/uefi splash screen in lovely 800x600 solution but as soon as windows or linux takes over i get blackscreen. When i boot into linux or windows with another screen and then plug in the adapter the graphics driver doesn't recognize it at all.

      Also to eliminate the posibility of a broken connector on the graphics card: Everything works fine with an active DP to DVI adapter i tested on all 3 DP connectors.