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    Driver update made me reinstall win 10


      Soo i did a system check and it said that i haven;t updated my amd driver in over 24 months so since i had some free time i tried it. Once i installed the auto detect thingy and started to update the driver my PC froze after like 10 mins. I tried to close/open it and it kept stopping me at a blackscreen after the windows logo. (Win 10) After 3 restarts i had to reinstall my windows. I tried a second time to update the driver and almost the same thing happend but this time it did not require me to reinstall my windows. It froze my pc again and i had to restart. Somebody help me please.. Don't want to risk reinstalling windows again and i really want to at least get the catalyst control thingy or something to be able to tweak my stuff.

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          Make and model of GPU card you are using?  Also make and model of PSU, CPU/APU, and motherboard.


          It is best to download your AMD full set of drivers from AMD Support rather than using the Auto Detect.


          Make sure your Windows 10 is totally updated via Windows Update. Also prevent Windows Update from automatically installing drivers.


          Use Windows Uninstall program to uninstall the AMD driver and related software. Then download and run DDU (Display Driver Uninstall) to completely remove all traces of the AMD Driver and its associated software. Delete C:\AMD folder if it is in the Root Directory. Also temporarily disable your internet from your computer. Reboot.


          Try reinstalling the correct AMD FULL SET of drivers from AMD Support that you manually downloaded. If you continue to have the same problem, do the above uninstallation as mentioned earlier and reinstall the older AMD driver. Make sure Windows 10 is prevented from automatically updating your GPU driver via Windows update.

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