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Driver update made me reinstall win 10

Question asked by blueeyyx on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by elstaci

Soo i did a system check and it said that i haven;t updated my amd driver in over 24 months so since i had some free time i tried it. Once i installed the auto detect thingy and started to update the driver my PC froze after like 10 mins. I tried to close/open it and it kept stopping me at a blackscreen after the windows logo. (Win 10) After 3 restarts i had to reinstall my windows. I tried a second time to update the driver and almost the same thing happend but this time it did not require me to reinstall my windows. It froze my pc again and i had to restart. Somebody help me please.. Don't want to risk reinstalling windows again and i really want to at least get the catalyst control thingy or something to be able to tweak my stuff.