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    CPU fan strange behaviour


      So first of all, hi!


      I recently bought a new PC.

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600

      MB: MSI X370 Gaming ProRAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 3Ghz



      So i have started to notice, because i have a case with the window, that my CPU coolers FAN is not spinning. Then after about 10's it started to. All while the PC is on, and i'm browsing.


      Then i noticed it again. The fan(default R1600 fan) just slows down, and comes to a complete stop. Then it stays like this for about 20s, and then starts to spin again.

      I checked the temperature with Ryzen Master software. And its 45-50 degrees Celsius. I think this behavior is very strange and should not happen.

      Other than that, whenever i OC the CPU (never beyond 3.8Ghz on auto voltage), and checked for stability and it was stable, the OC value comes back to default whenever i restart the PC.