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    iMAC Pro 2017 Vega 56/64 Bootcamp Driver Availability


      I noticed the current bootcamp driver support was released in Nov.2017.

      Since the iMac Pro was released in Dec. 2017, currently there is no driver that supports the vega pro 56/64 in windows 10 bootcamp.

      Will there be any driver update that supports Radeon Vega Pro 56/64 for iMac Pro bootcamp users?

      I understand that this is not a big market segment... so probably very low in their support priority..

      Maybe not soon, but eventually? Or is AMD and Apple just abandoning this segment of user base?


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          Have you tried installing those drivers and found they don't work?


          Apple has to request new drivers so you would need to direct feedback to them with regards to requesting updated drivers.

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              There is no driver to even download for iMac Pro..

              AMD driver download page has only 3 system drivers for mac: macbook, imac

              and mac pro.


              Win 10 does not know the Radeon Vega Pro 56 so the device is shown as

              generic display adapter.

              I try to download and use the latest AMD driver for RX Vega series, but it

              doesn't seem to work. Black screens and enters recovery mode after reboot


              Apple support says the update needs to be coming from AMD.

              And AMD says there should be a request from Apple.


              And I am left with 5000 dollar piece of equipment with no support from both

              sides... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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                  Thanks for being patient.


                  It seems that the driver is only available via Apple and Bootcamp assistant, so please use that.

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                    Hi srori8,


                    By the looks of it 'official' bootcamp drivers seem to be released every 2 years or so. I agree, like many others, this is far from ideal (whoever's fault this may be - according to some, Apple blames AMD and viceversa - to be honest I don't care, between them 2 they should find a solution for their customers).


                    In any case, I bring a solution for you, the best I can find and the one many iMac owners use. There are some 'unofficial' bootcamp drivers that are released pretty much within 1-2 days of the 'official' release. They work perfectly well and can be found here https://www.bootcampdrivers.com/


                    The compatibility list here BootcampDrivers.com


                    Hope this helps

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                  We are looking for a Bootcamop Driver Support as well. If the driver exists it should be able to be used by bootcamp to supply a version which works.


                  Issue heads when using autodesk products on bootcamp. Autodesk pionts the finger at you for this problem.


                  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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                    i have Pro vega 64 on Imac Pro Bootcamp, the external display and other devices cant not detect with latest driver installed. anyone here have the same problem?