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Blackscreen Crash at Idle/video card not under load 17.12.2 & Previous Drivers R9 390

Question asked by zariix on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by zariix

CPU : i5-6000k @ standard clock

PSU: EVGA 950w
mobo: z170a M3 Gaming

Display 1920x1020, 60hz, AOC 2470 24" monitor
GPU: MSI R9 390 @ 1040 core/rest standard

RAM : Corsair DDR4 2400 @ standard clock

WIN 7 64 bit

BIOS/Windows all up to date.

I recently got wolfenstein II and needed a gpu driver update. I updated to 17.12.2 and during gaming everything is fine and when gpu is in use everything is fine (was playing for solid 7hrs with no issue) but when im browsing chrome or watching youtube or idle windows i get blackscreen crashes but i can hear the audio, i can interact for another 5 sec of display going black before a full crash happens and i need to power down. I installed the driver correctly following the guide amd recommends and used DDU. I have tried 17.1, 17.7, 17.10.3, 17.12.1 all of them are having the same issue. I went back to my old driver of 16.7.3 and that worked perfectly for 3 days until i updated again. What is the issue? It only seems to crash when idle and only on adrenaline drivers.


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