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Issues with Rx 570, can't install driver, says all drivers are unsigned

Question asked by fpsscotland on Jan 8, 2018

So I just got a brand spanking new RX 570 to replace my R9 270X.


I put it in, boot up, try and install the drivers, and boom, BSOD. (Picture at the end). Since then, every time I try and launch normally, it just freezes and restarts after about 10 seconds. I can launch into safe mode, but whenever I try and install drivers, it won't let me as it says they're unsigned. The support site suggests doing the F8 method into advanced boot options menu. My windows is on an SSD. The time between BIOS and windows splash screen is like 1/10th of a second. I spent a good hour buttonmashing F8 trying to get into that menu, but it didn't work. I tried disabling driver signature enforcement via cmd, but this doesn't work, because it needs a restart, and when I restart, it just crashes, as I can't restart directly into safe mode, I need to wait for it to crash first, then it gives me the option, so that undoes the whole thing. I'm all out of ideas. I'm currently sitting with a PC that crashes when launching with either the RX 570 or the R9 270X that can't install drivers for them, and it doesn't have a single driver installed, because one of the suggestions I followed was to uninstall all my old drivers.


Halp, I've been tearing my skull out over this for 6 hours.