Strange behavior with RX 560 and Memory Clock

Discussion created by echorausch on Jan 8, 2018
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First of all i have to excuse my bad English Skills. I try to explain the Problem the best i can


So, i got en Sapphire RX 560 OC Pulse 4gb Card running on Windows 10 FCU 64 Bit with the newest Driver. ( But Driver doesnt mean anything, it occours on a lot of Version, cert. all i guess )


Bevor i go to Sleep i let the Card run for some Mining. Eth, Sumocooin ect ect so varius Software aswell. So the First Problem is: On Stock Clocks my RX gets 270 h/s on Grafik Mode and about 300 h/s on Compute Mode. But for what ever Reason, in a lot of Cases it does not Matter if i Switch from Grafik to Compute or Compute to Grafik. I will get Stock 270 on Grafik and Compute Mode, OR 300 on both. So thats the first weird behaivor of the Card, Driver what so ever. It seems like sometimes the Card or Driver does not rly recognize that i switcht the Mode.


The Second Problem i have. I like to run the Memory to Mine at 1800 Mhz ( stock is 1500 ) So the Problem here is. I always have to Restart my Computer to make the Changes of the Memory taking Effect. I can not change it on the Fly so to Speak. How i said: In Stock Memory Computing Mode i get arround 300 h/s, when i try now to put up the Memory Clock and set it In Wattman it will stay at 300 h/s no matter if i go 1700 / 1800 / 1900 and so on. Even a Restart of my Mining Programs doesnt Recognize the Overclock. And even no Gaming Benchmarks FPS wise show a diffrence. But asoon as i Restart my Computer i got all of the Sudden 345 h/s on Grafik and Compute ( how i said, doesnt matter sometimes ) Mode at 1800 Memory Clock. This is rly weird !!! And it stays at 340 h/s no Matter if i put the Memory Clock or Core Glock down. Even in Game Benchmarks the same strange behavoir in form of FPS !


So all in all, it seems to have Simply no Impact if i change my Memory or Core Clock Speeds on the Fly. Yes .. when i change it from 1500 to 1700 in Wattman it says that it is 1700 ( even on HW Monitor , GPU-Z and so on ) but for some Reason the Card, or Winows, or the Programms seem not to get it that there was en Change in Clocks.


So, if anyone has a Solution, or a guess or has a simular Problem i rly would to read it.


Thx in advance and sry for my english Skills