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XFX R9 390 GPU Fan not spinning, fan above VRM's spinning slowly

Question asked by oldmanlight on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by oldmanlight

My R9 390's temps have begun to vary wildly over the past 2-3 months idling at around 38 degrees C and climbing to above 85 degrees C under load.  I checked my GPU fan/heatsink for dust and they are free of buildup but after observing the GPU through the window in my case, i noticed that the fan above my GPU does not spin at all except when the GPU reaches 85 degrees C and then spins as fast as it can until the temp drops.  This did not happen prior to the past 2 months.  I tried to contact XFX support but i'm unable to open a new ticket as an old abandoned ticket for an unrelated issue is still open in their system and it's preventing me from opening a ticket for this issue.  I tried to update the old ticket but i've not received and response from them for the past 2-3 days.  It seems like i just need to replace the fans but i get no response from XFX when i try to ask for help.  What do i do to fix this?