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17.12.2 randomly freeze (rx vega 64 hybrid)

Question asked by barbiebak on Jan 8, 2018

So after a couple stressful days of figurin out why my pc just frooze randomly. Switchin the ram motherboard etc. my co-worker just like..."eeeeh dont you think its the new drivers for your gpu".

No! ofc not. I thought!


To prove him wrong I  got the 17.12.1 back and wops, my pc runs like a kitten again.

Just to make sure it wasnt just luck I  swiched back and forth bettween 17.12.1 and the monster 17.12.2.



So there you go guys. Dont know whom, Dont know Why....







OS : Windows 10 pro 64bit

Current driver: 17.12.1

GPU :  RX Vega64 Hybrid

CPU : Ryzen 1700x @ 4200

RAM: 32gb