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    RX 480 8G - Adrenalin Drivers 17.12.1 - 100% GPU & Clock activity in idle, with lower temp


      Hello to all

      A few days ago playing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in steam at fullscreen 1920x1080 60 vsync full settings, I notice some flashes fps drop, soo I stop playing and then I check MSI Afterburner (I only have for the fan curve) and i saw the GPU Usage/Activity stuck at 100%, Temp at 40°c and power use 30-35w



      Computer Spec

      Intel i7 2600k

      Z77-D3H BIOS F23b (latest)

      8GB Dual at 1600mhz

      MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G

      W10 x64 build 16299

      PSU Corsair CX750M (I use a 290x before and a 5770)



      * This is when I close TW3 and check MSI Afterburner (I dont have rivatuner, dont like)

      * This 0 to 100% usage cause the flashes fps drop (at 10-30min of playing)

      * Checked in WattMan Global, show the same graphic (no photo)



      * I close window session and start again (lazy to reboot pc) wait a few minutes after watching youtube, fb, google, etc and check MSI Afterburner

      * Test using only fullscreen software, light uses software, cant recreate the issue...

      * Checking task manager, I start to "kill" randomly process...


      * Killing this process (select and Supr) the GPU unstuck to a normal usage



      I took this right now, but Activity (Green) and GPU (Orange) stuck at 100% and 1300mhz, other values up/down normal


      never have any problem playing TW3 for hours (6-12hrs) and also I dont think is the game the problem, i just mentioned it, because playing this demandat cpu-gpu game I noticed this problem and how I says, just using the pc normal the GPU get to 100% for no reason, because this my game have fps drop issues


      Before SO update (1709 i think?) and driver update (crimson) no problem

      Run a dxdiag, no problems found

      Run malware software and w10 security, not inffected

      Driver installed (again) using DDU in safe mode

      PC is clean with Argente Utilities (Use since months every week)

      Not tested with 17.12.2 driver


      Ps: Since I kill the process "amddvr.exe" (The process start again immediately) and write this thread, the usage of GPU is normal (0-20-5% ~~)

      Driver bug I think

      Ps2: Sorry my english, translate all this text, can make it worse to understand xD




      * Playing Euro Truck Simulator at 1920x1080 60vsync ultra setting get the same 0-100% usage, I finish to play and start watching some vids in youtube

      * Check MSI and get again the 100% stuck activity

      * I have not restart session or reboot pc since a few hour ago I close "amddvr.exe"


      Oh yeah, go back to normal when I was about to incriminate you with a video ಠ╭╮ಠ

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          There are so many posts like this, I can't get myself to write out another. Get rid of Afterburner...or any other third party graphics controller (Trixx, Asus,etc). They all conflict with AMD controlls and settings.

          GPU clock not lowering on idle

          Wattman fan curve does not work

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              You or AMD might want to talk with MSI about this then ...
              Overview for Radeon RX Vega 64 Air Boost 8G OC | Graphics card - The world leader in display performance | MSI Global

              They are still heavily advertising use of MSI afterburner with Vega 64 cards.


              MSI afterburner used to allow HBM over/underclocking clocking on my R9 Nanos until changes in Crimson  ReLive stopped that.
              Afterburner and does a much better job monitoring GPU's than ReLive/Adrenalin.
              It allows custom fan curves.


              Similarly Sapphire, who at least promote AMD Adrenalin Driver for Vega 64 Nitro have been sending out surveys asking Sapphire AMD GPU Owners what they want to see implemented in Trixx next. For some Sapphire cards, you need Trixx to under or overvolt the cards as Adrenalin/ReLive etc does not work with their cards. Trixx allow customized fan curves.  Since Sapphire recently add lots of RGB to their cards and fans they also implemented their own RGB lighting software which is not in Adrenalin at all.


              ASUS GPU Tweak II has a nice game booster and other features that are pretty good.
              Again here is ASUS promoting GPU Tweak II with their Strix Vega 64...

              ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING | Graphics Cards | ASUS USA


              Oh yes almost forgot, they also support Windows 8.1 64bit.


              So ... the entire story from AMD and their AIB partners is all a bit confusing really don't you think?
              Officially in Marketing it all works together fine.
              Reality the message from this support forum is don't use anything other than the Adrenalin/Crimson ReLive/Crimson Driver and only on Windows 10 / 7.



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              In MSI Afterburner enable "Unified GPU Monitoring" and the issue will be solved . I had similar problems in past (wrong gpu usage monitoring & stuck at 100% usage) , and doing that in afterburner solved my issues .

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                Hello again, thanks for the help.



                I use MSI Afterburner for a long time, never any problem and I always install WHQL Driver.

                I download latest whql CRIMSON version 17.11.1 and make a clean install with DDU in safe mode, not work is still at 100% and 1303mhz stuck (This driver version worked fine at beginning of 2018)

                I clean PC in safe mode with Ccleaner and Argente Utilities, also a virus scan with w10 defender and malwarebytes, its ok

                I return to Adrenaline version, but before I set to default MSI Afterburner (The only I move, was the curve fan), full unistall, also reset to default crimson driver, before i use DDU in safe mode and clean again with ccleaner and argente utilities and proceed to install Adrenalin 17.12.1

                With adrenalin installed I watched yt, fb, play some games, I use GPU-Z to monitor, working normal, shutdown pc--

                Now I return from work and check PC, open GPU-Z and check and again the problem


                Since stuck at 100% I open this website to write all this, only have firefox, steam and gpu-z running.


                Now I remember something when I return from work I setup in AMD Panel, Games > Global Config > Quality Filter of Textures to High and active AMD ReLive (Because I use always this).

                * I record this last night MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G - stuck 100% activity in idle - YouTube

                Now watching my own video I notice the "amddvr.exe" I closed have as name "AMD ReLive: Host Application", since I active ReLive right now the activity stuck at 100%, soo all point to ReLive


                Im checking now Microsoft Window 10 updates


                The date coincide when I start having problems, probably my SO update day 4 or 5, because this last days I have this problem


                Dates coincide and build version.

                I think, some "sh--" in the microsoft update trigger ReLive (amddvr.exe) to stuck gpu activity and clock to max even if im not using the pc.

                But even using old driver dont fix the problem

                I rememer install Adrenalin without problems, this is happening this last days, I check to confirm and proof



                I have not installed Afterburner now to active "Unified GPU Monitoring", but since different software (like in the video) show me, the same numbers, I dont think is a problem of msi ab, also still dont active WattMan (Not UI friendly, for that I use after...)


                Sooo, to "fix" for now, is unistall ReLive maybe? (clean re-install of driver)

                Maybe im wrong



                The problem is, when I try to play demandant games i have this fps drop and freezes like a bad game port, its not only an aesthetic problem


                Edit 2.-

                I re-install Adrenalin without ReLive, but... amddrv.exe is running and without ReLive actived or installed

                Killing amddvr.exe (Select and Supr) unstuck the activity and clock

                * HDD is in red, because im checking again for malwares


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                    This poster was able to stop the GPU 100% usage by doing the following:

                    Re: GPU Usage stays at 100% with driver 17.12.1 & 17.12.2


                    Finaly! Thx a lot!  I thougt i am the only one!


                    At HWMonitor, i have, from time to time, 100% and max GPU-Clock. After a few tests i did find the Problem:                              

                    Firefox + Youtube (Only Fullscreen) + ReLife-Host/Desktop task.

                    I did not have ReLive installed, but i have 17.12.2.

                    After killing the ReLive task... 0% GPU use.


                    How can i turn ReLive off ?

                    I did rename the .exe ... but its just a workaround ?! (amddvr.exe  + amdow.exe)

                    or the only way?


                    Win10 64Bit

                    Firefox 57.0.2

                    XFX 580 D: 17.12.2


                    This is basically what you saw in the Youtube that you linked.

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                        Thanks, the video i link is mine

                        To play without performance problem, Im alt+tab and killing the amddvr.exe  Dx

                        I did not dare to rename/delete/block  (both ReLive Host: amddvr.exe and amdow.exe)


                        it's a pity that this has started to give problems, because i use ReLive since was introduced to AMD Panel and always with the same PC Spec...


                        I finished the process tree of amddvr.exe (did not start again instantly), play the witcher 3, euro truck simulator 2, cs go, payday 2 and other games (no long times, only around 10min), watch youtube (never in full screen) and usage statistics move accordingly





                        Thanks all for help, it's a decrepit solution, but is working

                        Now is time to install Afterburner for the fan curve (still cant manage how wattman work...) and find other game record/capture software




                        btw, I dont know, how to use the forum, when I write some world in the search box (ask it) the website redirect me to create my own thread, maybe because all thread linked have no tag set?

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                      Hello, Im back.

                      Want to show my last activities



                      Thanks all for comment.

                      I dont know who trigger the problem, Firefox or Microsoft Update

                      I dare to DELETE amddvr.exe, amddvr64.exe & amdow.exe


                      Play The Witcher 3 for almost 4 hrs without fps drop or performance issues

                      shutdown PC and the other day, none of .exe are running in startup (you know, some files "restore" themselves), common use, youtube, facebook, tumbl, etc

                      Now, I install MSI afterburner, for the curve fan feature only, play TW3 for 1hr and Euro Truck Simulator for 2hr, no problem at all



                      Playing TW3, clock and activity get to normal when I quit playing


                      Since I delete 3 .exe, the "ReLive" option, not longer appears in AMD Panel


                      Euro Truck Simulator (10min ago)



                      my suspicions was right (original post), and thanks to elstaci for link that thread, I double check and found the guilty

                      The shame is, ReLive for me is necessary