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RX 480 8G - Adrenalin Drivers 17.12.1 - 100% GPU & Clock activity in idle, with lower temp

Question asked by xeardry on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by xeardry

Hello to all

A few days ago playing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in steam at fullscreen 1920x1080 60 vsync full settings, I notice some flashes fps drop, soo I stop playing and then I check MSI Afterburner (I only have for the fan curve) and i saw the GPU Usage/Activity stuck at 100%, Temp at 40°c and power use 30-35w



Computer Spec

Intel i7 2600k

Z77-D3H BIOS F23b (latest)

8GB Dual at 1600mhz

MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G

W10 x64 build 16299

PSU Corsair CX750M (I use a 290x before and a 5770)



* This is when I close TW3 and check MSI Afterburner (I dont have rivatuner, dont like)

* This 0 to 100% usage cause the flashes fps drop (at 10-30min of playing)

* Checked in WattMan Global, show the same graphic (no photo)



* I close window session and start again (lazy to reboot pc) wait a few minutes after watching youtube, fb, google, etc and check MSI Afterburner

* Test using only fullscreen software, light uses software, cant recreate the issue...

* Checking task manager, I start to "kill" randomly process...


* Killing this process (select and Supr) the GPU unstuck to a normal usage



I took this right now, but Activity (Green) and GPU (Orange) stuck at 100% and 1300mhz, other values up/down normal


never have any problem playing TW3 for hours (6-12hrs) and also I dont think is the game the problem, i just mentioned it, because playing this demandat cpu-gpu game I noticed this problem and how I says, just using the pc normal the GPU get to 100% for no reason, because this my game have fps drop issues


Before SO update (1709 i think?) and driver update (crimson) no problem

Run a dxdiag, no problems found

Run malware software and w10 security, not inffected

Driver installed (again) using DDU in safe mode

PC is clean with Argente Utilities (Use since months every week)

Not tested with 17.12.2 driver


Ps: Since I kill the process "amddvr.exe" (The process start again immediately) and write this thread, the usage of GPU is normal (0-20-5% ~~)

Driver bug I think

Ps2: Sorry my english, translate all this text, can make it worse to understand xD




* Playing Euro Truck Simulator at 1920x1080 60vsync ultra setting get the same 0-100% usage, I finish to play and start watching some vids in youtube

* Check MSI and get again the 100% stuck activity

* I have not restart session or reboot pc since a few hour ago I close "amddvr.exe"


Oh yeah, go back to normal when I was about to incriminate you with a video ಠ╭╮ಠ