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Cannot get Dual Graphics to work

Question asked by richleja on Jan 7, 2018

After installing the latest driver 15.21 on a new system, I cannot get the crossfire button to appear anywhere in the Radeon Settings.  I did a clean install of both the APU chipset drivers and the GPU driver.  I have tried the AMD cleanup utility and reinstalling both drivers.  But, I still cannot get the dual graphics (crossfire) to come up anywhere (Global Gaming settings or other tabs).  Does anyone have any suggestions?


It seems that the GPU driver (which contains the Catalyst System) uninstalls the Catalyst software before it installs the Radeon software.  But, neither has the Crossfire Tab on it.  Is there a particular order (or install selection) that I need to install the chipset and GPU drivers to make them work?


System Info:

  • AMD R7 200 Graphics Card
  • Desktop
  • Win 7 64 Bit Operating System
  • Radeon 15.21 GPU Driver
  • APU 15.20 Chipset Driver set
  • Biostar A68MD Pro Motherboard + A68VO19 Bios Revision
  • A8 7600 APU with R7 Graphics
  • 16 GB RAM