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Relive laggy and out of sync pubg rx580

Question asked by banginek on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by banginek

Hello, I was Nvidia user and i decided to try an AMD card, i both an AMD RX 580 4GB from XFX, it was pretty good deal, because its somewhere around gtx 1060 3-6GB

I have it for like 3 weeks and i started to feel an AMD relive problems, when i try to instant replay something from like.. PUBG, i got like 30 second of sound delay and the video is extremly laggy.

Iam getting dissapointed because i tried to switch from Nvidia to AMD and iam getting problems immediately after i both it


Do somebody know a fix for this? Otherwise i will need to switch back to Nvidia.


EDIT: I tried every fix that i found on internet and nothing worked for me.


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