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rx550 and rx480. OpenCL and OpenGL. Binding: hardware or software.

Question asked by huntil on Jan 6, 2018

Does rx550 and rx580/rx480 will be calculate blending of textures with use hardware? (or will be used programable canels)
Будет ли 550 и 480 выполнять блендинг с помошью железа или использует програмные каналы?
Is exist way for execute hardware blending from opencl?
Можно ли запустить блендинг из opencl?
Can i use float32 for backbuffer (as rendertarget)? Is available using opengl without window?
Могу ли я использовать openGL не создовая окно?
Is exist way for connection two gpu card using pcie for sending memory from one to other? (sending from opencl. Connect directly one and two card (wire's) or with use external cpie bridge, don't use moinboard.)
Можно ли соединить два видеороцесора используя pcie дял отправки памяти из одной в другую? (отправка из opencl. Соединение проводом или мостом pcie двухвидеокарт в обход mainboard)




OpenCL used from windowless unit. OpenCL programm must live on computer without x-server (Calculator,480 and may be 580). Visualisation must be on workstation with x-server (550 - for write programs and test firstly it.). Workstation will be send request to calculator and calculator send part of memory for analize. This is modeling of self propagating high temperature sinteze. OpenCL calculate part of heat-transfer, diffusion and chemical processes. Other part calculated with use openGL: videocard used as matrixes calculator. C=A+B. C=A*B; C=A*a+B*b; Used blending of textures. A,B,C - this is matrixes and have demensions width*height. Width and height have value, for example 256...1024.