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Vega FE OpenCL features under windows

Question asked by psz on Jan 6, 2018



I am considering buying Vega FE for OpenCL under windows.

But before I do that I just wanted o clarify that its going to work as advertised:

1) OpenCL (preferably 2.0) is available under Windows 7 or 10 and drivers are stable, no clinfo crashes:).

2) using OpenCL you can use full performance of GPU:

-13 TFLOPS with FP32

-25 TFLOPS when using FP16

-50 TFLOPS when using bytes.

-mem bandwidth 483GB/s


I am asking this because i see a lot of post about problematic drivers, and some performance issues of FP16.

I am not interested in ROCm because my system is not compatible with it (no support for PCIE atomics).


thank you for any clarification.