SMT off and temperature

Discussion created by binder87 on Jan 7, 2018
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so, i have a ryzen 5 1600 and since i basically game for 99% of the time i get to use my pc (well that and netflix) i decided to play with the SMT setting a bit to see how much fps i actually gain in games, plus if i can push my oc slightly higher.


so i disabled SMT, kept the same settings exactly as they were (same vcore ,soc etc) .


to my surprise, even though i read everywhere that temps with SMT OFF should be lower, they were actually higher, and not just that, they rose much quicker (time wise). They ended up being around 4-5 C higher than with smt enabled. both the cpu and the mobo temp sensor showed higher temps that rose quicker. this happens every time i disable smt, and goes back to normal when i enable it. That was with 3.9 as well as 3.95 GHZ. I tested it several times, everything is the same, including ambient temp. The only variable that was manipulated was the smt. 

anyone care to explain? thanks.