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RX580 not detected tried tons of solutions

Question asked by jpolachak on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by points55h5

I just received a new rx580. I was using an r7 270 previously. I am trying to get the card recognized by windows so I can install the drivers.The fans spin when its powered on. I have an 8pin GPU power cable plugged in to the card. My old card used 6 of the 8 pins previously. When I am in the BIOS it does not recognize there is a GPU present using a asrock utility at the BIOS and ran windows update(was updated) just to ensure everything was updated.


I have tried to install both power colors drivers for the card and the generic AMD drivers. When I run the amd software it gives me error 173 stating there was no hardware to be found.


I have tried.


- reinserting the card

- updated all motherboard BIOS

- set the gpu to use only pcie 3.0 at bios.

- followed amd guide Troubleshooting Common AMD Graphics Driver Installation Problems  and ran DISM, FSC, and DDU.

- under device manager > display adapters > tried scanning for new devices.


I want to ensure I got a bad card before I send it back. What else can I try?