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    AMD Opteron 2356 Spectre/Meltdown




      I see that AMD has published this regarding the latest speculative execution flaw

      An Update on AMD Processor Security | AMD


      I also see that the google project zero testing was done with much newer processors. Is there any way I can find out if AMD Opteron 2356s are vulnerable to this? They are quite old but running in an ESXi environment that cannot be patched for this without a license upgrade.  The VMs in this environment are out of my control as well.



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          Not sure if vulnerable, but watch out if you plan to install MS Patch KB4056898 on the Windows VMs, We had a windows server running 2012 R2 with an old Opteron Processor which was bricked after installing the update at OS level. (AMD Opteron 2218)


          Had to manually remove the patch from the recovery console to get them back online.