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Feedback On Star Wars 2 Battlefront Ghosting Issue Resolved In 17.12.2

Question asked by murf on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by amdmatt

Yes I'm angry.


RX 580 card


I installed the 17.12.1 when it came out.  Had some sort of "Ghost" images on the screen on SWBF2 (2017).  Rolled driver back.


I see 17.12.2 is out and claims to fixed SWBF2 issue.   I let it "clean uninstall" (so no roll back).

Not only same ghost issue, but now when I try to play Starfighter Assault the game just shuts down -  no error message or event logged.

When I play Galactic Assault it is stuttering horribly.


Does anyone there actually test these drivers on new games before they release this garbage?!?!?


AMD is starting to loose it's appeal to me.  Apparently quality and (QC) for graphic drivers has gone out the window!


Going back to 17.11.4 driver and staying there for 4 months.   Hopefully you will get your act together by then and have working drivers for SWBF2.


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