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What would you love to see on the next Big Driver update?

Question asked by benchart on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by jakslap

So the question it is exactly that.
AMD Radeon settings have been innovating a lot regarding software.
All users have now, enhanced sync, we all have relive with multiple option and an overlay.
Amazing stuff.


But I'm pretty sure there is always room for improvements.
And I'm very curious to understand what the AMD Community would love to see new, or revamped.


Let's start with my own opinion.
1. Improvements on FRTC: I think AMD should improve it's FRTC, it acts in a different way than most framerate locker software, since it can be a little bit variable.
For example we set it to 62FPS, but many times we see the framerate bouncing from 61-63.
RTSS for example when applied a lock of 62FPS, it remains at 62FPS, giving a more smoother experience than AMD FRTC.


2. Add Poors Adaptive Vsync with multiple options:

We have recieved Enhanced Sync recently which is a response to the "Green Team" Fast-sync, altough it is better.
Enhanced sync prevents tearing when the framerate it is above the refresh rate, and when it is above the refresh rate, it sacrifices the Vsync to provide better response times.
So, Enhanced Sync works like "Green's Team" adaptive vsync and Fast sync at the same time.
I would love to have options to exclusivelly use the adaptive vsync solution, instead of a mix of Enhanced sync + adaptive vsync.
I mean, options for locking the game at 60FPS (with Vsync ON) and when it drops automatically disables the vsync.
I would love to have 2 options of that, one for the full refresh rate (Assuming you have a 60HZ Monitor, the Full Refresh would lock to 60fps), and a half refresh solution too (assuming you have a 60HZ Monitor, the Half refresh solution would lock to 30FPS).


3. Better relive editing tools:

Relive added recently some basic tools for trim videos and stuff like that.
Altough for the users that have the microphone sound being recorded to a separate file, it seems that the editor don't merge them.
It would be better if the Relive editor would get both video, and microphone sound and merge both of them together, so we could trim it or/and control the audio of both files.


4. Continuing pushing the DX11 Optimization:

The "Green Team" have a big advantage in CPU Bound games due to a better optimized DX11 Overhead footprint.
AMD have been revamping this each branch, so I would still love this work to continue.


5. Flip Queue manual control:
AMD have been doing a great job with the automatic/per-profile Flip Queue, since I've never had problems with this stuff.
But, nonetheless, I would still love to see this option added to the global settings and game-profiles with the "AMD Optimized" option or a manual value at our choice.


6. Better laptop support:

I'm not a laptop user, but I've been visiting this community now for 2 days, and most of the complains come from the laptops.
Most of the market are now laptops, so a better support on the laptop would leave more people happy with their AMD Products, and wouldn't run away to the other side so easily.


And the last one:
7. Tuning the overlay:

I would love to have some simple costumization things for the overlay, like an update info below the 1000ms, adjust colors of the labels, transparency, size of it and position.
This would be really cool, altough not really important for me though.


That's it.
And you guys, what would you love too see new or improved on the radeon settings?