Antichamber game low performance

Discussion created by mhanor on Jan 5, 2018



I'm looking for somebody that owns a Radeon R9 gaming video card, that is willing to test older drivers (older than Crimson 16.6.2) for a regression that leads to a low performance in Antichamber game, in certain places. I own an RX 480, I'm not able to test older drivers than 16.6.2. I'm using Windows 10 64 bit, 16GB DDR4 of RAM and an i5-6600k at stock.

Look at this video for how the issue manifests 2017.12.30-16.13.mp4 - Google Drive

I'm asking this because I'm having a hard time convincing AMD support to forward the issue to the driver developers. They are doing everything in their power to convince me to give up, including telling me to contact the game developer, to try different drivers,  to try older Windows version and throwing at me bad english sentences such as "please give a try to old 17.7.2 driver on your system and check the issue status" - what the heck does it mean? I've already told them that I've tested 17.7.2,17.7.1,17.9.3 and 16.6.2. I've also told them that in 2013, the game ran flawless on an i3-2120 with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an AMD HD6850 1GB. I've told them that the game runs without issues, full 60fps (vsync is enforced by the game), on my PC using the onboard Intel 530 GPU.