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Can't Install Driver R8 M445DX when I try to Install Windows 10, Problem with R8 M445DX when playing game GTA V and Tomb Raider

Question asked by ultrasized on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by ultrasized

This is my notebook spec




I try to downgrade the driver from v17 to v16 for play GTA V.

because GTA V not found memory on VGA more than 1024mb.

and I not found radeon additional setting on preference setting.

after I try to downgrade, when I restart windows my windows is not load complete.

and I try to reinstall windows and found this screen that I never see this screen before.

It say media driver missing.




I try find driver and download driver to usb then install, but it not work !?







anybody, who can help me to get my windows back ?

and how to config GTA V see memory more than 1024mb !