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    Enhance Sync Question




      i got a question about Enhanced Sync and how it works. Now when i launch battlefield 1 there is no enhanced sync option should i force it in AMD software, and enable vsync in game or disable vsync in game?

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          Hi @jakslap.
          You should disable the vsync in-game and force it in the amd radeon settings for the battlefield 1.
          Doing this Enhanced sync will work for you.

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              i tried that it, and it runs choppy. standard vsync in game runs alot smoother. Have you tried it in Battlefield 1?

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                  Ooops...sorry I was thinking 'enhanced application settings"

                  I have been using enhanced sync in the control panel and vert sync off in the game settings.....works good for me.

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                    Yes, because it's a differente approach.
                    Enhanced Sync allows you to go over the framerate limit of the regular vsync.
                    Obviously it's not going to look as perfect in smoothness as a regular vsync, but you will be able to keep up a good response time in your shooter games and no tearing, to be honest, I'm also not a big fan, but some people do seem to enjoy it.


                    My personnal experience with the Enhanced Sync have been a little bit love and hate.
                    I've been using it as some sort of a "Green Team" Adaptive Vsync.
                    I've locked the framerate to 60FPS with RTSS (not FRTC since doesn't work that well), and use enhanced sync.
                    This way, when the game it is locked to 60FPS, it is tear-free
                    When it drops, I get tearing, but it's still more responsive than having vsync ON with framerate under the 60FPS.
                    So it's some sort of an unnoficial adaptive vsync from Green Team and both consoles.


                    Keep in mind: The enhanced sync have not been created to act as the "green team" adaptive vsync solution, and so it seem to not work as good as the green team solution, some games works fine, others just randomly stutters from time to time.
                    I would really love that AMD would create options for transforming the Enhanced sync, also into adaptive vsync for Full sync and haf-sync framerate.
                    Also, I would love the AMD team to revamp it's FRTC, since it seems that it fails to lock the FPS in the same fashion as the RTSS, it seems that the FRTC is a little bit variable, can drop 1 FPS or go 1FPS above the selected target.


                    For now, I just use the enhanced sync with the lock at 60FPS in games that I know that I can't sustain those 60FPS all the time, like GTA V, but most games I'm playing right now, I'm able to do it, so I just use the regular vsync, which seems even more stable regarding weird stuttering that happens from time to time.


                    PS: Didn't tried on BF1, I don't own the game, I did tried in the origin access trial, but it was a long time ago, Enhanced sync was still unavailable for my card.

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