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Ryzen 1500x overclocked is preforming worse than my old intel i5-4590?Why?

Question asked by thinkfast on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by thinkfast

I did my research and it said that the ryzen would outperform my old intel device. so why is the case


Ryzen 5 1500x (stock cooler overclocked to 3.8ghz)

ASUS strix 970

MSI b350 gaming plus

crucial ballistic sport 8gb ddr4


I have done a fresh wipe of windows to get rid of any old drivers(heard its bad since i did have intel before) and need help because my framerate has gone down by 10 and i get really bad spike that i haven't ever gotten with my intel cpu. I really want to like Ryzen because I still feel like I'm doing something wrong so please give me some suggestions. Thanks!