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    Strange Textures behaviors across multiple games on Vega56 with 17.12.X drivers



      Since the Adrenaline drivers (17.12.X) I've been having strange behavior of certain terrain textures. . Behaviors include:

      • The terrain texture glitches and starts bouncing.
      • The terrain texture disappear and is no longer visible.
      • The terrain glitches once, bounces, disappear and fails to load.

      I been having this problem across multiple games including:

      • Battlefield 1
      • Dragon Age Inquisition
      • Ghost Recon Wildlands

      I haven't been able to find similar problem elsewhere and I am rather confused since it happens in at least 3 different games and 2 radically different engines.

      The problem goes away after restarting the game but reappears randomly.


      Note: I have reinstalled the 17.11 drivers which seem somewhat more stable. I always install drivers using Guru3D uninstall driver utility in safe mode