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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Graphics Performance:  44 GPU's Tested

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 4, 2018
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Graphics Performance Revisited: 44 GPUs Tested - TechSpot

"Moving on from our last round of testing, we have an epic battle between Radeon and GeForce graphics cards. Before going any further, we should note that PUBG is an Nvidia supported title and during the game's early access phase it heavily favored hardware from the green team."

"Having seen how successful PUBG was early on, Nvidia climbed on board and before long we started to see the GeForce logo appear on the game's loading screen. AMD has of course been optimizing its drivers for the game and we've seen numerous releases over the past few months that address performance, but you can rest assured that Nvidia has paid to win this one."


Sum it up:


For an average of around 60fps, gamers will require an R9 Fury or GTX 980 graphics card from the previous generation.

From the current generation lineup, for around 60fps gamers will require the GTX 1060 6GB or perhaps the Radeon RX 580.



Moving to 1440p, gamers will require a Vega 64 or GTX 1070 Ti graphics card for an average of 60fps.

"It's worth noting that not a single previous generation GPU can deliver 60fps on average -- not even the Titan X, so that's pretty shocking. Short of the GTX 980 Ti, I don't think I'd bother trying to use any of these GPUs at 1440p with the ultra quality settings."



For those after a second-hand graphics card to play on low or medium quality settings, the GTX 780, R9 290, R9 280X, 7970 and even the GTX 680 are all good options.


"Despite its open world design, PUBG is a game that should really run at hundreds of frames per second on modern hardware, not 53fps with dips nearing the 30s when playing at 1440p on a Titan X Pascal. You could almost forgive the game's strangely demanding yet mediocre visuals if had decent netcode. Fellow game developers must be scratching their heads wondering how such a half-baked game can be so unbelievably popular."