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Sapphire Rx 560 : unable to install OpenCL 2.0

Question asked by halikhan on Jan 4, 2018

hi everyone,


i installed Rx 560 4GD5 with my Dell optiplex 390 using riser card, drivers were installed successfully but when i tried to use GPU tester (furmark) it says that install graphics card with openCl 2.0

even when i tried to do some altcoin mining, none of the miners recognized my gpu. whereas windows device manager states that rx560 is installed properly.


my system specs are:


Dell optiplex 390

2 gb ram

dual core processor

H61 express lintel chip

800w power supply (purchased for this gpu specially)


solutions i tried:

Drivers: 17.10.1, 17.12.1, 17.7.12(provided with gpu) - unsuccessful

CMOS reset by jumper - unsuccessful

Display Driver uninstall (DDU) third party utility tried -  unsuccessful

windows installation - unsuccessful


all methods were unfruitful, any help will be highly appreciated from you guys.