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    HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC  電腦效能不夠


      我是hp的電腦  規格如下:

      請問這樣的電腦跑英雄聯盟應該會是順的  但是我的fps永遠都在30上下跳,很不穩
      請問是電腦的規格真的不夠  還是我的驅動程式下載錯了  應該下載hp官網的嗎?


      或是如果我想升級電腦  我去買ssd固態硬碟2.5吋的   能否各廠牌都可以通用  我不太懂這方面




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          Need to translate your post into English since AMD Forum is a English Only Forum.


          It is best to download the drivers for your laptop from HP Support. Those drivers are customized to work correctly with your laptop. It is possible that your laptop (Need to know make & model of laptop) is not made to play the latest games. Or the laptop is not using the Discrete graphics instead using the APU graphics.


          Also go to HP Support and see if it has a newer BIOS and AMD Chipset to download from their website than your laptop has installed.


          Here is the latest generic driver from AMD Support for your APU on you laptop: APU . Download the full set and install it after deleting the current driver using Windows Uninstall and afterwards using DDU in safe mode. Also delete C:\ Folder in the Root directory before installing the AMD driver set.

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