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    Black Screen on Boot


      Sorry, I can't give too many system details because, well...black screen.  But it's an HP small form factor desktop with a Core2Duo processor running Windows 10.  I was in the Catalyst Control Center adjusting the display resolution, and when I hit "Apply," the screen went black.  Now, whenever I reboot, I get the Windows logo, but as soon as it loads the graphics driver and goes to the lock screen, it goes back to black.  Only solution I can think of is to abandon the use of the AMD graphics card, and I kinda don't want to do that.

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          Never mind!  For goodness' sake, this was posted nearly 28 hours and received 60 views without an answer.  I tried using the support form to send an email, but the form won't submit.  I finally found a phone support number, and spent over a half hour on hold before getting a terrible connection with a support rep who told me he would have to have someone get back to me.  That also hasn't happened, so I finally figured out how to fix it myself.  One thing I can be sure of: I'm never opening the Catalyst Control Center again.  Another thing I can be sure of: I'm never buying another AMD product.  I had already sworn off AMD processors, after the last one I had cooked itself without warning.  But from now on, it's all about NVIDIA graphics, too.